Visualizing My Amal academy Experience

Khadeeja Amjad
3 min readOct 16, 2020

Visualization is the day dreaming with purpose.

You might have heard many time that visual aids help children or students to learn more but let me tell how? When you visually pay attention to an object, your mind scans the object and stores the print in your long term memory that makes you remember later.

Amalacademy is a place where you visualize your dreams and make it possible by reframing and focusing on positive things. Being an Amal fellow I did the same, learned countless interpersonal and communication skills consciously and unconsciously during my Amal fellowship journey and going to visualize one of the most beautiful skill I learnt during the first two weeks of my fellowship program and learning new things everyday because of that one skills I-e Kindness.

At Amal it was the first time I actually understood the concept of kindness, all my time I thought of kindness was to feed poor, establish an NGO for widows and orphans etc. But during my first week I was given a task to do any small five acts of kindness and write an experience blog, that was the time I thought of what can be the little acts of kindness, then came up with a couple of ideas that I performed and shared my experience in the blog that how much peace it gave to me.

After that I started doing small acts of kindness like asking my maid about her health, passing smiles to others, taught my maid’s kids and paid their tuition fee. Doing all these little acts of kindness was not really easy at the beginning but the way these people pay back me by showing gratitude takes me to another world and compelled me to do even more because their smiles make me satisfied and peaceful.

Other than that I also learned humility gratitude and patience that is somehow linked to kindness during my first two weeks of fellowship. I think one can’t be humble as far as doesn’t showing kindness in his words and acts and for staying humble you need patience.

During these two weeks I realized how I misunderstood these terms and got to know why I lack humility because I wasn’t that kind to everyone and started working on that and still doing. Now, I can proudly say that I improved myself a lot as a person.

When there’s no vision people perish.