Problem solving through design thinking

Khadeeja Amjad
2 min readAug 14, 2020

During the covid19 pandemic, an idea flashed into my mind to earn from home. I think of starting my passion as my job and to be an entrepreneur. Now starting your own business isn’t that easy as it sounds you’ve to face many problems but of course,the human brain can resolve every problem.

The business plan:
As I always wanted to work as a community nutritionist. I decided to work as an online nutrition consultant via Facebook and Instagram to aware people of their nutritional statues and help them with choosing the right kind and amount of food.
Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Now as every business starts with a problem so did mine,

How can I enable people to maintain their health in order to improve the quality of their life.

I used the design thinking process and put all possible solutions on table and started implementing by performing the following task.
Where to start?
Now the first problem that arises is where to start online. I think of all possible sites and choose Facebook and Instagram as they are commonly used in Pakistan.
Next I worked on promotion of my page with the help of shout out by friends & family, also by providing free services for the first month and arranging a giveaway.
Payment method:
I picked the jazz cash and easy paisa payment method to make it more convenient for customers.
All this experience of entrepreneurs not only helps me in initiating a step to earn but also growing me in my field. I’m learning modern nutritional strategies everyday from online blogs, seminars and conferences.

You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle but never entertain it as an end.