Khadeeja Amjad
3 min readAug 3, 2020

We all love when we receive appreciation but we hesitate to appreciate others. So today i though why not to appreciate my loved one’s.

How to Appreciate?

Appreciation doesn’t not always mean to arrange a big surprise party or to gift an expensive watch or necklace it can just be few words of gratitude too with all your love.

Power of gratitude

I’ve been given a task to think of few people in life I adore, the people who are the reason to bring change in my life and to Appreciate them for that change. So i choosed 3 most specail person who always helped me and send them DIY cards embellished with love and filled them with all thoes beautiful memories i shared with them.

A Thanks note to Teacher

Mam Arooba you’re the first person that came into my mind after reading the task. You weren’t only a university teacher but a friend and a true mentor in my life to whom i can take advice at any time, the person who makes me learn the true meaning of a teacher her strengths, her role in society that i fall for this profession and makes me believe in myself. I used to think drawing is a natural talent which I’m not blessed with but you changed my mind and ask me to draw again & again untill i became an artist and love making paintings. I wrote all this in a little note and thanks her for being so helpful and wonderful person in my life.

A piece of gratitude for Sister

A first friend we all makes, a person with whom we share secrets, a crime partner and a person with whom we fight alot. So i had a fight with my sister and this task gave me an amazing opportunity to not only appologize but also to thanks her for being in my life for resolving my problems, for letting me know my to do and not to do list, for helping me in my studies, my university projects, for always grooming me and appreciating my every achievement. Boosting my confidence and let me know every time that no one is you and that’s your power.

A special thanks to Best friend

Having a true friend who not always praise you but also let you know you flaws is a big blessing in this era, I’m blessed with. Anne you’ve been the most beautiful thing happened to my life i can’t imagine a single day without sharing my stories with you and sharing my heart with you. Thanks for always been there for me and cheering me whenever I’m down and helping me at that point if life when i wanted to give up and letting me know no goals can be achieved without hardships. A bundle of thanks for being part of my life.

Without wasting time just go and make your specail people feel special by speaking your heart with them and giving them big Thanks.