Positive Reflection

Khadeeja Amjad
3 min readOct 9, 2020

I’m writing this blog as my project work of one positive thing I learned during my fellowship that is so hard to decide as I learned so much but will be sharing a one beautiful journey of my life. It’s a journey of moving from uncertainty to certainty during my fellowship at Amal.

Just three months back from today I was a highly introverted person, A person who never asks for help nor does help anyone unless and until they ask for it. I always hesitate when to ask for help from friends or fellows. I was a person who used to believe that asking for help means you might not be capable of doing that thing on your own and what the next person will think is how knuckleheaded I’m.

When my fellowship program begins, I was exactly the same shy person who felt her insult asking for some advice from a fellow but at the very first week one of my fellow messaged me and ask did you understand the guidelines of PW, If you did kindly explain to me, I did help her and the way she showed the gratitude makes me feel so good that I just sent her a 40 second voice note and she’s thanking me like I did something big to her that obviously shows humble she’s.

The next week I wasn’t able to understand the PW, with all that shyness I asked her to guide me she did the same that didn’t only easy my task but make me think for a while It wasn’t that bad experience, I didn’t feel embarrass and felt that you learn more when you work as team, like multiple brains & one task, And then learned this concept of “Aik or Aik Gyarah” frequently at Amal and would must say my “Batch-155” is a true example of this concept, you just drop your problem in the group and eventually get so many solutions in no minute even some people are there to do your task.

Then our “Mega Project Circle ‘’ created the best thing that happened to me at Amal, where I practiced this skill the most. I’m blessed with such good team members that are always there to help you, in PW’s or any of your personal problems. We discuss PW every week, send our documents to each other for proofreading and even though they helped me a lot in blog writing I was never good at and making my superhero resume. All these experiences made me think helping someone reflects your humility and kindness and moreover I realize helping someone and making others smile makes you feel so good and satisfied.

Moreover the thing that bothered me most that I might can do a lot better during my bachelor’s If I was that open to ask for help at that time so someone could help me in the better way in my adversities especially during my article writing as FYP but I think its ok If I wasn’t able to do it in my past will do this in my future and doing it currently.

Now I’m so open to ask for help without hesitating and eventually I’ve become a person who sees someone struggling and just jumps to guide them or help them even when I know that person can’t help me back.