Just Start working on your Goals

Khadeeja Amjad
2 min readAug 3, 2020

As a child i always wanted to be a teacher but as i grew that dream faded some where far behind and i develops new interest. But last year when i completed by graduation i gave a random interview for an internship and was selected.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is a one day with great teacher (Japanese proverb).

Yeah! That was a teaching internship at Government College of my town. As it was paid so so i thought i should give it a try so I’ll have a professional experience with a handsome pay. I just have no idea how i gained my childhood interest back with every passing day at college that i made a decision to apply for a lecturer seat to get a permanent job here at college.

Now recently, when Pakistan Public Commission Services (PPSC) has announced the new jobs for lecturer, i thought this a golden opportunity for me to give life to my dream so i started working on my goal splitting it into different task to make it easy. Thoes task were;

  1. Collecting Data.
  2. Finding past papers.
  3. Start reading 2 chapters daily.

Task # 1:

For collection of data i started search on internet joined facbook and WhatsApp groups for the ppsc preparation and asked for help from my teachers to find books of different authors and finally after all this search and help i am able to get few books (in soft and hard form) some online websites to study. So now i can find previous papers and start reading these books.