Khadeeja Amjad
4 min readAug 21, 2020

I started my Amal’s project work today and had many more tasks like cooking, group session meeting etc to do within a day. First I get panicked that how will I manage to perform all these tasks then an idea flashed through my head why not to try pomodoro technique here. So, Here this blog documents my procedure to complete the pomodoro clock project.

What is a pomodoro technique?
A pomodoro clock or technique is an effective method of performing tasks by breaking it into the components within a fixed time and rewarding yourself at the end.

How the pomodoro works?

This technique works on the principle of rest, work, rest and work again.

  • Perform 25mins task with 3-5minutes break if needed.
  • Continue performing the next task for 25mins for 2hours with short breaks of 3-5minutes in between each task.
  • Now after performing all the four tasks give yourself a reward by taking half an hour break.

How did I use the pomodoro technique?
I set an alarm of twenty five minutes and chopped all the vegetables and collected the ingredients I require for preparing lunch as I wasn't tired so without giving myself a break I set another alarm of twenty five minutes and started cooking the chicken karahi.

Now I get tired a little and give myself 5minutes break by scrolling my Instagram and then get back to work.
Now it's the time for setting an alarm for the third task that was splitting my weekly tasks according to the EISENHOWER MATRIX as it's the part of my project work and needed for performing my fourth and last task that was attending the group session meeting of this week. After completing this task I again took the five minutes break and played a quick ludo game.

Now it’s the time for performing my last task of playing pomodoro technique and I again set an alarm and joined the learning group meeting and guess what I completed this task within twenty minute. Now when all the four tasks had been completed it was a time to reward myself with a longer break and reward myself.

My experience with Pomodoro:
I really find fun playing with pomodoro, I didn't find this experiment difficult, instead it makes my tasks even more easier by breaking them into components that I don't think I would be able to achieve my target within in a short period of time.

Will I play the pomodoro clock again?
Yes! Of Course I'll play this again, Infect I will use this technique on the regular basis to perform my routine tasks as this technique didn't only helps me in accomplishing my tasks but also gives small rewards to keep me motivated throughout the day and make me believe in myself. 
For, Improving my experience with this technique I will install the POMODORO SMART TIME application into my phone from the Google play store, So I do not have to set an alarm again and again the application will give me the reminder after every twenty five minutes.

What was my reward?

I reward myself by eating one of my favourite foods, The partha roll.

It seems yummy, right? Then what are you waiting for go play pomodoro and reward yourself too.